Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting inventory for the new up-coming store... DELISH !!

A few of the items I recently purchased. Can't guarantee they'll always be in stock, but these are the types of things I'll be carrying in the lingerie part, as well as a few of the pin-up type dresses I'll carry. Of course, I will carry LOTS more items... shoes, coats, more dresses, costumes, panties, etc... but I wanted to start building my inventory and nabbing up items that I was particularly fond of.
If there's something out there that YOU think we should carry, please let us know. We'd like to include lots of items, making this a one-stop shop --- offering the beauty workshops you may need, the fun dance/workout classes you want, the shoes you want to strut in, the clothes you crave, the photos you may splurge on, the events that make you smile... and all in the environment you love! That's what DELISH will be. So if you have any ideas, we're open to hearing them!

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